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Food Groove Green Booster Cake is created to a new exciting and unique Recipe. It contains some amazing ingredients which will give you a good dose of Iron, Fibre, Minerals and Vitamin A, B, D,and E.
The ingredients include Kale, Spinach, Flaxseed, Olive oil and Honey. Your energy levels will be boosted, your immune system boosted and your cholesterol decreased. The ingredients are specially chosen for their superfood qualities, and combined your body receives an amazing boost.
It tastes good too. Please note - No colouring is used in this cake. It does not contain nuts. The ingredients include Eggs and Wheat Flour.

This cake is suitable for all. Portions may be frozen for later use.

How to Serve.

  • Have on its own or with a Cup of Tea or Coffee.
  • Serve warm with Cream, Ice Cream or Custard
  • Get larger cakes decorated with icing and trimmings locally,
    and use as a Celebration Cake

Individual Parcels

Green BOOSTER Cake 1 parcel £3.95
1 parcel contains 2 Slices
Parcel size: Approximately 9cm x 6cm x 3cm


Green BOOSTER Cake 4 Parcels £9.50
1 parcel contains 2 Slices
Parcel size: Approximately 9cm x 6cm x 3cm


Whole Cakes

Green Booster Cake 7 inch circular £15.50


Green Booster Cake 10 inch circular £27.50





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