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Chinese Cuisine

Examples of Chinese Cuisine

Bamboo shoots
Chicken Chow mein
Chicken stir-fried
Chinese mushrooms

Chop Suey
Congee Porridge
Crab and Sweet corn soup
Crispy Duck with pancakes with hoisin sauce
Crispy Wonton
Dim Sum

Egg-fried rice
Pork spare ribs
Prawn Crackers
Prawn Toast
Spring Rolls

Sweet and Sour Chicken
Sweet and Sour Pork
Sweet and Sour Sauce
Wonton Soup

Yum Cha

A number of different styles contribute to Chinese cuisine but perhaps the best known and most influential are Cantonese cuisine, Shandong cuisine, Jiangsu cuisine (specifically Huaiyang cuisine) and Szechuan cuisine. These styles are distinctive from one another due to factors such as availability of resources, climate, geography, history, cooking techniques and lifestyle. One style may favour the use of lots of garlic and shallots over lots of chilli and spices, while another may favour preparing seafood over other meats and fowl.

Cantonese cuisine
Dim sum, literally "touch your heart", is a Cantonese term for small hearty dishes.These bite-sized portions are prepared using traditional cooking methods such as frying, steaming, stewing and baking. It is designed so that one person may taste a variety of different dishes. Some of these may include rice rolls, lotus leaf rice, turnip cakes, buns, jiaozi-style dumplings, stir-fried green vegetables, congee porridge, soups, etc. The Cantonese style of dining, yum cha, combines the variety of dim sum dishes with the drinking of tea. Yum cha literally means 'drink tea'.

Szechuan cuisine
Sichuan (spelled Szechuan), is a style of Chinese cuisine originating from the Sichuan Province of southwestern China famed for bold flavors, particularly the pungency and spiciness resulting from liberal use of garlic and chili peppers, as well as the unique flavor of the Sichuan peppercorn, and Facing heaven pepper, Peanuts, sesame paste and ginger are also prominent ingredients in this style.

Jiangsu cuisine
Jiangsu favours cooking techniques such as braising and stewing, while Sichuan cuisine employs baking, just to name a few.

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